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Hi, I am Michelle

I am originally from New York, wife and mother to three amazing children, living a Jewish orthodox lifestyle in the Seattle area.

Growing up I have always sought after creativity. As a teenager through dance, and always redesigning my room (including painting the walls) and then growing up becoming a nail artist and a professional cake decorator. Then in the last few years I was introduced to the amazing interior design world. Since then I couldn't look any other way.
The pleasure of seeing a room in someone's house going through the process of redesign, 3D mockup and then the actual renovation, seeing the end result come to life is beyond words and extremely exciting.

I take much pride in the work I do and feel that it is my calling to help customers design there spaces to make the most out of each space and bringing out their full potential in practicality, feeling and looks.

Let's get in touch and design the perfect space for you and your family.

Design Process

Starting a new design for a customer is a very detailed process.
It starts with sending over links or images of the style you would like.
After the initial correspondence I set up an onsite meeting at the clients home to take pictures, exact measurements and go over material samples/ colors etc.
Kitchen designing includes layout changes, adding or repositioning plumbing and electric, choosing tiles, cabinetry, countertop and all of the materials you would need for your renovation.
Bathroom design includes layout changes, tile for floor, bathroom wall and bathroom floor.
We choose plumbing fixtures, towel rods and any other material that would help complete your project, making the space a perfect get away.
Depending on the room being designed, we choose a layout that works with construction regulations and the options that are actually available to you due to the basic build of your home.
If major construction changes need to be made there will have to be an additional meeting with an architect to approve these changes and give a better idea of the costs.

There is also an option to set up a showroom meeting at one of my preferred vendors in order to choose materials for your project.

After this stage, I create a realistic 3D mockup and showcase it to the client in order for them to visualize what the space will look like after renovation and just incase any changes need to be made before actually going through the remodeling process. This eliminates any problems and slowdowns in the renovation.
Customer also gets elevations and a top view layout file that details measurements and information needed for the contractor/vendor executing the job.

If you have yet to choose a vendor/contractor, you can feel free to meet with one that I trust and work with. Please let me know if you need any recommendations, I will do my best to connect you with the best team for you.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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